For fine lines and wrinkles, we have a variety of solutions depending at what the cause is. If the cause is muscular contraction, we can use products like Botox to relax the muscles so that you don't have those types of contractions. If the fine lines are engrained in the top of the skin, there are very nice thin fillers like Belotero that we can actually now fill those lines without people noticing.

If the problem is volume and the skin has collapsed because there's just nothing holding it up, we can use fillers like Voluma and things to raise the skin. There are procedures like Frazel where we can actually resurface the skin and take out those fine lines and kind of iron them out.

Other options include Ultherapy, which is tightening of the skin. If that's the reason the laxity of the skin causes the fine lines, we can actually help reverse that.

What Are Some of the Best Non Surgical Options to Treat Wrinkles?

Dr. Melissa Lazarus discusses some of the best non-surgical options for treating fine lines and wrinkles.