Want to know the best size for your butt? BBL Rice Sizers are an easy way for you to see what a certain number of cc's will look like on your body. Although, the science is not exact, Rice Sizers can help you visualize your final look, after a fat transfer with a BBL. Doctors estimate that 50 percent of the fat injected will take. So, if you want 1000 cc's of fat injected, then make a 500cc Rice Sizer. To make your BBL Rice Sizer, you'll need a pair of knee high pantyhose, two CDs, a measuring cup, dry rice, and scissors.

Start, by cutting a knee high in half, leaving enough room to be able to tie a knot at the top. Then, stretch out the bottom of the pantyhose, so it's wide enough to insert a CD inside. Next, measure the rice. It's important to be precise when measuring to ensure you get as close to the right volume as possible. One quarter cup of rice is approximately 75cc, half a cup of rice is a 125cc, and one cup of rice is about 250cc. Pour the rice on top of the CD, into the pantyhose. Then, go ahead and mold it into a spherical shape. Tie of the top of the pantyhose with a knot, and using your scissors, clip off the tail. Once you’re finished making the BBL Rice Sizers, you can try them on with a pair of exercise pants. In this video, we made 600cc implants, a look that can be achieved by injecting about 1200cc’s of fat in each butt cheek.

How To Make Butt Implant Rice Sizers For Your BBL

Want to know how many cc's is right for your butt? Make these easy at-home rice sizers to visualize how big your booty will look after a Brazilian Butt Lift. Remember: make the sizers half the number of cc's that you want injected to account for fat