Rice sizers are an easy way to estimate the right size of breast implant for you. To make the sizers, you'll need a pair of knee-high pantyhose, a measuring cup, dry rice and scissors.

Cut the knee high in half, leaving enough room to be able to tie a knot at the top once you've filled the bottom with rice. To make the filling process easier, make sure to stretch the pantyhose out. Next, decide the size of implant you want to make and measure out the correct amount of rice. One cup of rice approximates 240cc, half a cup is about a 120cc, and a quarter cut is approximately 60cc. Pour your desired amount of rice into the pantyhose and mold it into a round shape. Then, go ahead and tie off the top of the pantyhose, and using your scissors, cut off the tail end of the knot.

Once you're finished making the sizers, you can try them on with a sports bra to experience the look and feel of a particular size of implant. There's no exact way to translate cc’s to cup size but doctors approximate that roughly 210cc will increase your chest by a cup size. In this video, we made 420cc implants, boosting our model from a B cup to a full D cup.

How To Make Breast Implant Rice Sizers

Not sure which breast implant size is right for you? Learn how to make sample sizers with supplies you have around the house.