Restylane's used to fill lines around the face. It's primarily composed of a hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar-based natural ingredient.

Let's say you come into the office and what really bothers you about your face is that you feel like your lower face is sort of falling down. Restylane is a perfect product for that because it will give you the facial volume that you've been lacking. I use it for the smile lines. I use it for the nasal labial area. I use it for cheeks. It's an all-around wonderful product to inject all the lines around the face.

It's very malleable. So with a soft injection, and you can use it in many different places without looking too thick. It's not too fake. What you can expect after you get Restylane done in my office is that you will look the same as you looked before, just better. You will look a little younger. You'll look less tired. It will give you an immediate lift to your skin without looking artificial.

How to Get an Immediate Mini Facelift With Restylane

Dr. Michele Green explains her choice of Restylane for certain patients who complain that their face is beginning to sag.