Dr. Robert L. Kraft: Non-surgical options for the face--that is for facial rejuvenation, because there are many things we do to the face--but in the category of facial rejuvenation, you should start with the non-invasive things.

We have better modalities now than we used to have. In the old days, it was just surgery. Now we have neurotoxins like BOTOX. People are coming in at a younger and younger age wanting to deal with those early signs of wrinkling.

And some research shows that if you start early, you prevent worse aging at a later age. There are fillers to use. But certainly, fillers and BOTOX do things that lifting procedures don't do, and vice versa.

So that when you're in the situation when you have the saggy skin and the jowling, then it's time to consider a lifting procedure.


How to Decide Between Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures for Facial Rejuvination?

Dr. Robert Kraft discusses how to decide between non-surgical and surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation.