Before I talk about what doctors are best to do what. Let's get real. With the Affordable Care Act and with insurance companies really stripping doctors of all the money, any doctor wants to start making money and so you have retired proctologist and radiologist and every other field trying to figure out how am I going to make money? How am I going to make a living? And they say, "Whoa, if I can do Botox on someone, that's got to be easy. If I can fill up someone's face, that could be easy and oh and I could just do these things because I am a doctor. I can do anything I want and patients will come to me and they'll pay me real money. So, I don't have to do deal with these silly insurance companies or these insurance exchanges."

And so what's happening is, doctors from all different specialties are coming into a cosmetic space. Thinking it's a really easy thing to do. But you know, the general public, you only have one face. You only have one body. And just because someone has a white coat on or an MD or DO after their name, doesn't mean that they are really the doctor that's going to give you the best care. If you can't take a Groupon ticket and go in and think that you are going to get great care. You can't fly down to Mexico where there is no regulations and insurance and think you are going to get the best care. You have only one time at doing something correctly. You want the best care. You want the least amount of adverse effects and that's why you want to choose a physician that's great in that field.

You want to choose a physician that develops the field. You want to choose a physician that did the research and that does the treatments on patients every day in and out and so that's why you want to choose a dermatologic surgeon, a board certified dermatologist. He or she, that's board certified in dermatology with advanced training in dermatologic surgery is going to be the ideal person to make you look and feel your best. You know, if I had a heart problem, I am not going to go to a proctologist to have a heart transplant. Why go to anyone but a dermatologist for your skin problem?

How to Choose the Right Doctor For Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman discusses what every patient should consider when selecting a doctor for a cosmetic procedure.