If you're a dermatologist and you're in practice--and maybe you're starting
in practice, or you've been in practice for a while, maybe you're not happy
with some of the dermatopathology services that you're looking for--you
really do need to take a look at someone who's really got a good practice
in dermatopathology, good expertise, been doing it for a while, knows how
to correlate what we see under the microscope with patients so that you can
guide treatment guidelines. Maybe someone also that has the ability to
accept things from a large number of areas.

We get a lot of things in our laboratory, for example, from many states
around the United States, having licenses in a lot of states. By using the
right person, you establish a good relationship with someone that you can
talk to and discuss cases, and you can work out the very best diagnosis for
your patients. Sometimes things aren't just black and white, and those are
the cases where you really need somebody that you can trust, that you can
talk to, and come together to come up with the best answer.

How to Choose the Right Dermathopathologist

Dr. Clay J. Cockerell shares his insigts on how to best choose the right Dermathopathologist.