Phaedra: I am known all around the world for my donkey booty and I know that not everyone can achieve that once they’ve had dramatic weight loss because there is a laxity of the skin and just volume loss. What can you do to give them that peachy bottom that they desire?

Dr. Centeno: In the average cosmetic patient, the procedure that is most popular is the Brazilian butt lift, which basically means liposuction of fat in the trunk and all areas where it is taking away from your contour and your shape and putting that fat through fat injections to shape the buttock region. That is what a Brazilian Buttock lift is.

Phaedra: Yeah, but how does it go all so wrong and you have a lumpy butt like a bad batch of gravy, because I have seen that.

Dr. Centeno: Well it depends on technique. It is very important to use proper technique so you get the maximum amount of resorption and good contour correction. Appropriate patient selection and appropriate technique is most effective. Now, unfortunately, not all weight loss patients are candidate for fat transfer because they have too much skin laxity.

One of the procedures I helped to popularize is what is called autologous augmentation, which means when we are doing the back part of a body lift or a buttock lift, rather than throwing out that tissue we use it to create an auto implant out of your own tissues. It's called a flap and we shape that to improve the contour of the buttocks and then we lift the skin over it and that restores volume to the buttocks area and removes that excess skin to tighten things. That's important because if you do a body lift or a buttock lift and you don't address the buttocks, you could leave patients with a flat buttock.

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks Learns How to Get a Sexy Booty After Weight Loss

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks sits down with Dr. Robert Centeno to discuss how to get a shapelier butt after weight loss.