Hi, my name is Dr. Paul Nassif. I'm answering questions for bloggers on my YouTube channel and today, we're featuring questions regarding revision rhinoplasty. This one came in from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it said this is from Tom. What should I expect in terms of pain with my revision rhinoplasty procedure? I had a procedure five years ago and I think I need to have rib taken for my next procedure. Please let me know how painful is that.

Well, great question. First of all, when it comes to revision rhinoplasty, or even primary rhinoplasty, there's not a lot of pain with the nose, usually there's pressure. Some patients don't even take pain medicine. They take Tylenol, but they don't take any narcotics. In general, there's stiffness and fullness and some discomfort, nasal obstruction, but not much pain.

If you have to take ear cartilage, that can be a little bit tender and then the ear can be sore for a good couple of weeks. I had a rib taken out of me twice for my revision rhinoplasties and I have to tell you, it was sore but probably the first 24 - 36 hours but after that, I was fine. I took pain medicine and a little bit of Xanax a little bit over the first five days, but it's very tolerable. I hope this answers your question and good luck with your surgery.

How Much Pain Comes From Taking Rib For a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Understanding post op surgical care after a rhinoplasty procedure is as important as the operation itself. In this video, Dr. Paul S. Nassif explains what kind of discomfort and pain is most common after a nose job.