I have a lot of patients who come and say that someone told them all they need is just a couple of tablespoons of fat and they're going to do their whole face. I don't think that's going to work, you know. You need 20 to 40, 50 ccs of fat, maybe even more, to really do an entire face well. If you're just doing the tear troughs, the mid-face, some focal area like that, you could probably do 10 ccs, maybe 20 ccs, sometimes less, and that would be the equivalent of maybe three or four tablespoons or something along those lines. You need more than you would imagine because some of it does go away; 30% to 50% of that is going to go away, and you need to treat that person expecting that resorption to happen.

Facial Fat Injections: How Much Fat Do I Really Need?

Some plastic surgeons will tell their patients that all it takes is a few tablespoons to fat to makeover the face. But as Dr. Chase Lay explains, this is a common misconception.