Voluma is the newest filler, F.D.A. approved. It was just approved two months ago here in the U.S. It's been used in Europe for many years and the people that have been using it have been raving about it. Both Dr. Sunder and myself have had experience with it over the past two months and our patients are just thrilled with the results. Voluma is a thicker form of Juvederm. It makes use of great deal of lift to the cheeks and the malar regions. And by doing that, the patient gets improvement of the nasal labial folds and even sometimes the creases in their cheeks, as well as their jowls. It's amazing how much immediate lift you can get with a small amount of Voluma. The studies that were performed in the U.S. were based on five to six syringes of Voluma going into the patients' faces and it was found that Voluma lasts up to two years.

But Dr. Sunder and I, we're both very fortunate to have attended the Mauricio De Maio Masters Injection Course on Voluma. Dr. De Maio's technique really is about analyzing the face and maximizing the points of injection of Voluma where we can place Voluma with one or two syringes, saving the patients a great deal of money and still getting that lasting improvement and a great deal of improvement. So because both Dr. Sunder and I are "certified master injectors," we've established that at the initial treatment, patients will cost about $1,150 for a syringe of Voluma. Should they need more, the second syringe is $100 less and each syringe after that is $50 less.

How Much Does Voluma Cost?

Dr. Michael Perksy explains in detail the advantages of using Voluma injections for facial lifts and how much a patient can expect to pay for a syringe.