So this question comes all the way up north from Ontario, Canada. I want to thank Eva G. and RealSelf for this question. And Eva's question says, "How many Thermi treatments are going to be required for her results?" So, Eva, if we're trying to essentially isolate the excess fat and skin on the neck, for my clients, right now, we're just doing one treatment. However, if you need to come back for another treatment, let's say in two, three, or even five years, there's no contraindication to do so. I think that you could have a great result even with your first result. So, when you come in for your consultation with us, we definitely want to make sure that we talk about those things. So, I know it gets cold up there in Ontario. So I want you to stay warm with Thermi RF. Hope to see you soon.

How Many Treatments Are Required to Get the Best Results From Thermi?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question discussing the number of Thermi treatments necessary to achieve the best results.