In a short amount of time, more than one time is more than you want, right? But if you've gone for something relatively natural or let's say you don't have a crease and you're creating a crease, if the crease just doesn't take or if it doesn't stick so to speak, you can redo that and that's fine. You can redo that a couple of times. But in a short amount of time, you really want to just try and get it right once if you're done with it. My own revision rate is a little less than 2% in that type of situation. Now if you had your eyelid surgery done and you like it and five years goes by, ten years goes by, and you want to touch that up, then that's usually fine. I've had patients who have touched up their eyelid surgery anywhere from three to four times in their lifetime.

How Many Asian Eyelid Revisions or Touch-Ups Is Too Many?

Eyelid revisions are not uncommon so Dr. Chase Lay explains how many revisions a normal patient should expect based on the statistics.