Hi, it's Dr. Paul Nassif. And we're answering some blog questions. And today we're going to cover, and this is the way it was sent to me. "Septoplasty deviated septum." So really what does that mean?

So if you have a deviated septum ... By the way, what is the septum? The septum is the partition that divides your left airway, actually that your right airway, from your left side. So if you put your fingers in which I don't want you to because you can colonize the inside of your nose with bacteria but the partition in between. Part of the septum is made out of cartilage, and the posterior portion of it is made out of bone.

So if the septum has moved over to one side or the other, we perform a septoplasty which means removing or correcting the deviated portion of the septum. And we can remove a piece of the bone. We can remove a piece of the cartilage. However, our goal is to make sure that we get the airway straight but not to remove too much septo bone or cartilage which can collapse our nose. Hope this helps and thank you very much.

How Is an Obstructed Airway Fixed With a Septoplasty?

Ever wonder how facial plastic surgeons go about fixing a deviated septum? In this video, Dr. Paul Nassif explains in detail about septoplasty.