One of the newest product out is called Thermi. I think that this is a giant step forward. A lot of the minimally invasive or non-invasives, you have to go transcutaneously. Therefore, you can't deliver as much energy into the deep tissues because we're afraid we'll burn the skin.

Now, with this in-between technology of surgery and minimally invasive, through a small needle prick which does not require any suturing, you put this probe in. It has a thermometer on the end, and it heats the tissue up from underneath. Another camera from on top measures the temperature of the skin, so you can go ahead and dissolve fat and tighten skin. You can get rid of the turkey gobbler, the jowls. You can also go ahead and take out the wrinkles between your eyes by deadening the nerves selectively and precisely. I had it done up here. I'm about two and a half weeks out and I could not be happier.

ThermiRF: The Newest Technology to Dissolve Fat and Reduce Wrinkles

Dr. Robert Hardesty explains the technology behind ThermiRF, a new tool used for dissolving fat, reducing wrinkles, and tightening skin.