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  • How Does SmartLipo Work?
Well, we're one of the pioneers of SmartLipo and SmartLipo is a type of
laser liposuction where we actually go under the skin with a laser and the
big difference of SmartLipo or laser lipo compared to traditional
liposuction is that not only does it melt the fat, it actually tightens the
skin at the same time, and that's been a major advance for the whole
procedure because in the past we would do liposuction or remove fat and
then people would end up with loose skin like a deflated balloon. So, the
laser allows us to really tighten it in all different areas, the face, the
neck, arms. A lot of women have bat wings. We could take away the fat,
tighten the skin; abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, ankles; take away those

So, it's a great procedure. It's become very popular and I think it really
is state of the art in terms of liposuction today. The down time is
remarkably little. I usually tell my patients, take off the day after the
procedure then go back to work the next day. A lot of times they go back to
work the next day. They don't even listen to me. But, it's a good idea to
rest up. It's a surgical procedure and we want people to make sure that
they get the proper post-operative care. Usually people start seeing the
results within a few weeks, but the final skin tightening can take several
months. It depends on how well their skin produces new collagen, but
usually they'll see the results pretty quickly.

How Does SmartLipo Work?

Dr. Bruce E. Katz describes how SmartLipo works.