We've used lasers to treat tattoos for many years, and really there hasn't
been any new breakthroughs, new advances until about a year ago where this
new PicoSure laser has been developed. And it's really the newest advance
in tattoo removal in about 20 years. What it allows us to do is remove
these tattoos much more quickly, more efficiently, and with less downtime.

It utilizes this picosecond technology. So the laser pulse is actually at
one billionth of a second. It shatters the tattoo particles into such tiny
little particles that the body can take them away much more quickly than we
could with the traditional lasers.

You know, the PicoSure laser can take two to three sessions or six or eight
sessions. It really depends on the type of ink we're treating, the type of
tattoo, how deep the ink is in the skin, and some other variables too. But
it probably removes tattoos in about half the time that the older lasers
were able to do it. So I think this is really the most significant advance
in tattoo removal in many years.

How does PicoSure Remove Tattoos?

Dr. Bruce E. Katz discusses how PicoSure removes tattoos.