There are essentially three things that are occurring during that aging process. There's the actual gravitational changes that are created by Earth's gravitational forces and being subjected to it from day one. There's also the loss of volume, both skeletal or the bony reabsorption. We all know that happens.

What people don't also understand is, as we age, there's soft tissue depletion that also occurs. The third thing that happens is that there's changes in the character of the skin. We see age spots of course and things like that that occur with aging, but what people don't realize is there's also this turning over of the actual structure of the skin where the spongy layer, the dermis, the undersurface of the skin actually thins out and the outer layer of the skin thickens.

When somebody is older, they typically have components of all three things happening. There's the age-related changes to the skin, there's loss of volume, and they may get some gravitational changes.

How Does My Face Age?

Dr. Michael Epstein explains how there are three factors that affect the way our faces age.