Patients will very commonly show me directly on their buttocks what they want to see an improvement. Sometimes they want a little bit more roundness on the sides. Sometimes they want more of a shelf in the back or even more prominents in the middle section of the buttock. Very commonly they'll bring in photographs. I try to explain realistic expectations with some of the patients that come in because there are some that would come in who are a little bit heavier and they'll show me pictures of women who are very narrow, very thin, and I have to explain to them what is achievable and realistic for them. But they can be very helpful photographs, and also obviously, that's part of the consultation, the discussion of their goals, and I think, like you said, it's a matter of getting into their head and knowing what they're thinking is kind of what I'm thinking, and so that we can communicate and have a clear understanding. That's usually the happiest patient.

Considering Butt Augmentation? Here's How to Explain Expectations to Your Doctor

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses the doctor/patient discussion that must happen before any butt augmentation to ensure the patient is pleased with the result.