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  • How Can I Treat Adult Acne?

Dr. Scott T. Guenthner: Adult acne is a very difficult problem. Many women go their entire lives without having adult acne. Then all of a sudden they get to age 30 or 40 and voila, it’s there.

Frustrating for patients. It’s difficult for them. Going forward, the first thing to do is seek care from a dermatologist.

Again, we’re the experts. We’re the individuals who see this type of acne and treat it very aggressively. Some of the things they can do is: number one, go ahead and seek treatment with a topical an oral medicine, and to be aggressive with the treatment to get them better quickly.

Because many of those individuals have families, have children, don’t have time to deal with some of the problems of adult acne. So getting aggressive from the beginning is important.

There’s a lot of different causes. Sometimes it can be environmental causes, sometimes it can be genetic.
One of the things that a lot of times I will see is, mint and cinnamon-flavored gums and toothpastes many times will make adult acne—or what’s also called perioral dermatitis—flare as the patients get older.

A lot of times, what we’re seeing is that other specialties—OB GYN, family practice, plastic surgeons a lot of times—don’t always have the experience in common medical dermatologic diseases.

So working with your family practice doctor or other provider as well as a dermatologist can give you probably the best care of your skin for the lifetime.


How Can I Treat Adult Acne?

Dr. Scott Guenthner discusses how to treat adult acne.