When discussing rhinoplasty, it's very important to discuss the procedure, and patients really want to know because it's interesting. Patients are educated. And they're very savvy about, you know, "What type of graft should you be putting in my nose?" You would put spreader grafts, lateral crural strut grafts, Alar batten grafts, rim grafts. Are you going to do weir excisions, which is cutting the nostrils and making them smaller? Are you going to do osteotomies, which means you're bringing [SP] the nasal bones in.

So patients come in and they ask all these questions for the procedure. They ask, "Is it open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty?" And so it's interesting as we get more and more educated patients that are doing Google searches and watchong a lot of videos on YouTube. They learn about all of these types of procedures. Thank you.

Here's to You, Intelligent Rhinoplasty Researchers!

More and more, patients come in armed with research before their rhinoplasty consultation. Dr. Paul Nassif addresses his intelligent patients and the options that can be offered to them based on their research.