One of the most satisfying areas of dermatology that I practice is helping patients with acne scars.

All too often, I see patients who have had years of acne that was not treated properly, and what they're left with now as adults, are acne scars. Between a combination of Fraxel, eMatrix, and Vbeam lasers, I am able to get rid of or minimize the appearance of just about any type of acne scar. I may use a combination of Restylane to plump up the scars, or eMatrix in dark patients or Asian patients to get rid of the scars themselves, or Fraxel in fair patient. It will definitely take several treatments of these lasers to remove these scars, but there's minimal or no down time involved in each of these procedures.

Healing Your Acne Scars May Require Combination Laser Therapy

Dr. Michele S. Green discusses the treatment of acne scars with lasers such as Fraxel and injections with fillers such as Restylane.