Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta. Now, if you're interested in calf implants, I've already done one video showing you the implants. But today, I'm gonna talk about the recovery because it's a big part of having calf implants. When you have calf implants, it is gonna send your leg muscles into spasm and your recovery is really dependent on getting that muscle spasm to let go. So on our model, I'm gonna show you where the implants go and what you need to do to recover from your calf implant surgery. So the camera is gonna go on a leg. Now, here on this model's leg, let us pretend that this is where one implant is and over there is where the other implant is. Right after surgery, you will not be able to put your foot flat.

The muscle will go into spasm. It will tighten and bring your toe down. The goal of recovery is to lengthen that muscle so you can bring your foot right back. So what I tell my patients is first of all, in that every hour, on the hour, work on getting your calf muscle stretched by moving your toes to your nose. I tell people to take three slow, deep breaths, relax their shoulders, and try to get a little bit of stretch. Do that five times every hour. The other thing I ask people to do is to get out of bed as often as they can, you'll get out on your toes. But when you get out of bed, you wanna try to get your foot completely flat on the floor. Once you've got your foot flat on the floor and you can get your toes to your nose, then you'll gonna find that your recovery from your calf implant is 95% behind you and the rest is downhill all the way.

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Recovery Regimen After Calf Implants

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan reviews the exercises she recommends to her patients after having calf implants and why these exercises are so important.