Dr. Weber: Do you know if he's up in the front?

Female: Yup.

Dr. Weber: Hey, my friend ...

Clement: Yes.

Dr. Weber: are you?

Clement Jarred Kihitula: My name is Clement Jarred Kihitula, I'm from Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.

After being answered by Dr. Weber about the remove of the keloid, then I came and met him and today we appointed to conduct surgery on me, to remove that keloid.

Dr. Weber: What we are planning on doing is we're gonna remove most of the keloid, if I can remove all of it, I will, but we talked about not -- minimizing the risk of the keloid coming back, so we're gonna remove as much as we can, and then also do some steroid injections around the edge of it to help things calm and keep them from returning.

Clement Jarred Kihitula: Because of my keloid problem, when I come to find the website for RealSelf, and I posted my question, how to remove and be cured from the keloid, then Dr. Weber answered my question and he said that he will be in Tanzania, Singida on 15th to 22 March.

Dr. Weber: You know, the interesting thing to me was, when I met you over here the other day, I walked up and you were on the internet, on the 3G modem surfing my website at home, which I've never seen that before. That's great, you know. We're seeing that more and more with better connectivity to the internet. But you know, you have the same experience that our patients do at home, which is really exciting.

Head Keloid Removal in Tanzania

Dr. Stephen Weber recently traveled from his practice in Colorado to Tanzania in order to remove a large keloid growing on the back of a man's head. Doctor and patient met over the man's RealSelf post asking what could be done to remove the growth.