What are the causes for hair loss in a 20 year old, African-American with
concerns that her hair just isn't growing. Well, first I would like to say
any woman with hair loss needs a close, detailed examination of the scalp,
along with blood work, along with medical history. All three of these
things are needed to diagnose hair loss; none of them can be left out.

A few general comments are important to this question because it speaks
very strongly to hair styling practices as being the causes to the
patient's hair loss either chemical or heat relaxing of hair or braiding,
weaving, or cornrowing. Patients that feel that their hair isn't growing
often have hair shaft damage from these hair styling practices.

It isn't that the hair isn't growing but that the hair is breaking off. If
you examine these hairs under the microscope, you can see very clearly that
this phenomenon is occurring. Other issues needs to be considered like
thyroid abnormalities, low iron, or crash diets or starting and stopping
the birth control pill. But this typically gives hair shedding rather than
hair breakage and feeling of the patient's hair just isn't growing. But in
general, the only way to be sure is to have an up-close examination of the
scalp and a careful evaluation by a physician.

What Causes Female Hair Loss or Slow Hair Growth?

Dr. Jeff Donovan explains that while not necessarily the reasoning behind all women's troubles, female hair loss or slow hair growth can often be attributed to extreme and/or repeated treatments such as chemical relaxing or weaving.