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  • Hair Restoration for Male or Female Baldness
Hair restoration is a fairly straight forward procedure from which hair is taken from the sides and the back of the scalp and transplanted to the top of the scalp where male pattern baldness or even female pattern baldness can occur. Now, the hair can be taken and transplanted elsewhere, including the eyebrows, the eye lashes and basically, anywhere else on the body that there's hair. There are a few terms, though, that are used in hair transplant surgery that can make it rather difficult to understand. In hair transplant surgery, the current state-of-the-art is a process term, Follicular Unit Grafting or F.U.G. In follicular unit grafting, we take hair and divide it into individual follicles or small numbers of follicles termed grafts and then, transplant those grafts into another part of the body. A follicle is the part of the hair that actually grows the hair. The shaft is the part of the hair that you see. The follicle is actually located below the skin so you do have to cut the skin to retrieve the follicle, regardless of how the procedure is actually performed.

Now, even with follicular unit grafting, there are two different methods for obtaining the follicles. One is strip harvesting, where a strip of hair is harvested from the back of the scalp. The other is a process termed Follicular Unit Extraction or F.U.E. F.U.E. has gained a lot of popularity recently, at least in the lay press, because of automated versions that are able to actually extract the hairs on an automated process. One of those automated processes and automated devices is termed a NeoGraft. The NeoGraft is simply a trade name of a device used to perform follicular unit extraction. It is not actually the name of a technique. The technique for follicular unit extraction uses small punches, either individually or automated, to actually remove single or several small grafts of hair. Those grafts are then transplanted in the follicular unit grafting technique to the area that is bald. Both follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting result in scars on the scalp. The scars though are different. Any time that you cut the skin, you will have a scar. In strip harvesting there is a linear or straight line scar, which is generally very well hidden under the hair. In follicular unit extraction there are small white dots left behind. In either event, if the hair is cut very close to completely shaved, scars will be seen.

Hair Restoration for Male or Female Baldness

Doctor DJ Verret discusses hair restoration vocabulary and what you need to know about the procedure to improve male or female pattern baldness.