Dr. Capizzi: The Gummy Bear implant is at it's inception a silicon gel implant. It is a silicon gel implant that has more cohesion, so if you think of it as cross links, it's like the old tinker toys we had as kids. Instead of having one branch between two disks, you have two or three. That allows it more structural integrity. It's stronger. It doesn't collapse.
Jenni: I chose Gummy Bears because I'd done extensive research over several year and I really wanted something that was going to live with me, not that I was going to have to live with.
Dr. Capizzi: We can customize the shape and size to the actual woman and their breast.
Ruthie: For me, I was looking for something that didn't look like that I'd had a breast augmentation.
Dr. Capizzi: So that allows us a lot of latitude as far as what will match that person's breast shape and then desired breast shape.
Amanda: The way it's made me feel with my confidence has been the best improvement.
Dr. Capizzi: I've been involved with Gummy Bear implants for over 10 years and the technique that I have evolved to is one that is very meticulous, it's detailed. We make the pocket through a very defined incision. It's done in a gentle fashion, so we don't have a lot of surgical trauma. So that translates into less discomfort and pain, and this is a technique that only the pocket is made for the size of the implant. It's evolved such that we actually train other surgeons on how to do this.
Amanda: I think if you are even considering it, I would say go for it.

Gummy Bear Implant Patient Says, “Just Go For It”

Find out more about fifth generation, highly cohesive breast implants from Dr. Peter Capizzi and several of his happiest patients.