What are gummy bear breast implants? When people talk about gummy bear implants, what they're talking about are highly cohesive, form stable, silicone gel breast implants, the latest generation of breast implant technology.

I think the term gummy bear is rather unfortunate because it gives you the idea that the implants are very firm or even hard when in reality they are quite soft and supple.

This is an example of a round, textured, non-form stable breast implant. This is an older generation breast implant technology, and when you attempt to stand it on end, the implants basically collapse on themselves. They're not form stable, so they don't hold their shape.

This is an example of a shaped, highly cohesive, form stable breast implant, and when you place it in your palm, it stands upright. It essentially holds its shape.

I think that these implants have many advantages. They tend to provide a better breast shape overall, they have a much lower rate of visible folds and ripples, and there is some evidence that they may even have a lower rate of failure over time.

It's important to know that the three implant companies that are FDA approved all have various features in their product lines, so the shaped, form stable implants that are available vary somewhat in performance and characteristics from company to company. You'll be best served by seeing a surgeon that has a relationship with all three implant companies. The surgeon will therefore be able to make a selection that is custom tailored to your individual needs.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Provide Better Shape and Lower Risk of Complication

Dr. Michael Law explains what "gummy bear" breast implants actually are, and how they're superior to more traditional varieties.