I absolutely love Sculptra, and what I love about Sculptra is it gives you the volume in a very natural, long-term way.

Sculptra is a fabulous procedure. It's probably one of the most popular procedures that celebrities are now doing. What's wonderful about it is that it slowly builds your own collagen under the skin. So if you feel like you're losing volume in the skin, which is an area that we never really paid much attention to in the past. You feel like your face is sort of sunk in, or you feel like there are hollows in your cheek.

The best thing about Sculptra is that it slowly replaces that collagen that you've lost from when you were 20 or 30 to now when you're in your 40s or 50s. The amount of Sculptra that you need is a gradual parcel experience, meaning that we customize the amount of Sculptra based on the volume that you have lost. You'll come to the office. We'll evaluate the facial contours, and you'll need either one, two, or three injections, depending on your facial anatomy, scheduled a month apart. During that time, your own body builds collagen. So what's amazing is seeing someone a month earlier on the follow-up visit, you may be perfect. You may not need more.

So I never tell someone, "You need three or four vials. You need three sets of injections." It's a natural on-going process where we decide together how much volume you need. That way you never look over-done. I inject Sculptra one vial at a time. I don't like to overdo it. It's a gradual process where we look at you. We bring you back each month, and we evaluate how much volume you have replaced, how much new collagen that you've formed.

The wonderful thing about Sculptra is that it will last up to two years. So that once you're done with the injections, you don't have to come repeatedly for more injections or touch-ups. You're done, and it lasts for two years looking natural and beautiful.

Get the Go-To Treatment of the Celebs: Sculptra

Dr. Michele Green discusses how Sculptra naturally works to slowly rebuild collagen in the face and remove wrinkles over a period of several months