You know eyes is something that people are very anxious about but what I tell patients is it's actually as safe if not safer than going to a dentist and it's actually less hurting. The most of the eyelid procedure I would say 99% can be done on the local anesthesia in the office with or without IV sedation, so that's twilight sleep. Recovery is having one or two black eyes averages about ten days and patient can see right away because there's no patches involved and believe it or not it's really not painful at all. Most people either don't take any pain medication or they may take one or two that first day.

First of all it's important to go to a specialist who does a lot of eyes and that usually means ocular plastic surgeons because the ophthalmology train with two year fellowship after ophthalmology residency just doing plastic surgery around the eyes. So expertise and you know training is important. You want to go to a surgeon that uses minimal invasive techniques in which it translates into quick recovery and very importantly natural result. So you want to see the before-after photos of the surgeon to see what kind of results to expect after surgery. Done in the right hands is very safe, safer than going to a dentist with same or less risks. We're calling the patient to use icing for the first couple of days after a surgery. There are also over-the-counter medications like Arnica and Bromelain that are being shown to decrease bruising as well. Besides the herbal medications I mentioned it is pineapple juice that they're talking about that helps with decreasing bruising. Of course not taking things, you know, blood thinners like aspirin and other things, all those are necessary as well to minimize bruising and risk from surgery as well.

Nervous About Eyelid Surgery? Put Yourself at Ease With These Facts

Eyelid surgery can be an especially scary experience for patients. Dr. Mehryar Taban explains the ins and outs of the surgery, from choosing the best surgeon to taking control of your recovery.