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  • This Doctor Might Just Be Able to Give You a Butt "Better Than Nicki Minaj's Butt"
I tell my patients the honest truth. I cannot give anybody Nicki Minaj butt. What I could do is I can make your butt look like your butt but more enhanced and sculpt it, so it looks really good. Try to change people, I am not God and I don't know how to do it. Most of my patients want to look natural and look nice. The majority of my patients that want enhancement of the buttock area are usually mature people. Most of my patients are doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, professionals that want to look enhanced and don't want to look like they had plastic surgery. So I don't do huge, huge, but I do very natural enhancement in buttock. And my butt looks better than Nicki Minaj's butt. Brazilian butt lift, essentially, is when we take fat from anywhere in your body that you don't want the fat, and we use to enhance the backside. It has been said that the beauty of a woman is in their backside, so that's why it's so popular. It's basically fat rearrangement.

We move fat from one part of your body to the backside. It's not just sucking fat out and injecting, it's just sculpting. In Atlanta, I'm known for sculpting and making it look real nice. That's where my expertise lies is buttock sculpting. For those that need a revision for BBA, we do a lot in one week. So I have a lot of experience in revising other people's, and mine also, other BBA. If you didn't get the result that you want in terms of projection or shape and you didn't get the sculpting that you wanted, you still have some fat in your waistline, your abdomen, or your backside, you have enough fat, we can revise and give you that. BBA is not just about butts, it's also about hips. The hips and the butt have to be together, so if you had a BBA done and you don't have the hip in the shape that you want, we can revise that and just give you a little tweak, make it pop.

This Doctor Might Just Be Able to Give You a Butt "Better Than Nicki Minaj's Butt"

Dr. Stanley Okoro gives it to us straight about the patients who wish to get a rear end like Nicki Minaj.