#1: Change How You Eat
Prepare yourself for how you’ll live after surgery.
You might have to lose a certain number of pounds beforehand.
Your doctor will also typically ask for you to start a liquid diet two or so weeks before your operation.
The liquid diet helps shrink your liver.
Making for a safer procedure.
Plan for a “pantry purge.”
Rid yourself of everything you shouldn’t eat after surgery.
No temptations. We mean it.
Stock up on protein powder, clear soups.
Sugar-free Jello, and sugar-free popsicles.

#2: Stop Smoking
Stop smoking!
If there’s any time to stop smoking, it’s before you get your gastric sleeve.
Kicking the habit will reduce your risk of complications.
It speeds up your recovery.
Not to mention, some doctors may not even operate on you if you smoke.

#3: Go Shopping
Go on a pre-op shopping trip (or two)!
Remember that your body will be tender following surgery
So buy some “transition” clothes that will fit you at various stages as you shed pounds.
And slip-on shoes!
Keep it cost-effective (you won’t be in them long)
Head to a thrift or re-sale shop!
“I'm gonna pop some tags, Only got twenty dollars in my pocket….”

#4: Rally Your Support Troops
Remind your friends and family about your surgery.
You’re going to need their support.
They should already have your surgery date circled on their calendars but just in case, send a reminder!
Joined a support group yet? RealSelf counts!

#5: Make a List and Check It Twice
There’s a lot to remember before surgery!
Take a moment and collect your thoughts.
Important to-dos include:
Getting your prescriptions, preparing food, arranging transportation to and from the doctor...
And packing your bag for the hospital.
It might seem overwhelming but you can do this!

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