A great candidate for a Brazilian butt lift would be a person who has a decent body mass index, which would be basically up to 32. Their fat distribution would be in areas where they stand to benefit from liposuction, and a person who has a lack of tissues in their buttocks or needs reshaping of the buttocks would be a good candidate. Some body types are very difficult to sculpt because they just don't have the actual potential to get the extreme changes that many times patients ask for. But the surgeon can determine whether or not they would be a good candidate for that by examining them. In general though, most patients who seek this are fairly good candidates for it because there's almost always something to be improved upon. The degree of improvement is also highly dependent on what their expectations are. So that has to be addressed in the consultation.

Which Body Types Are Best For a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Mel Ortega explains why some body types are better suited for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure than others and what characteristics he looks for.