Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta. I want you to understand the four steps involved in fat transplantation, which is increasingly used both to rejuvenate the face, to plump up the breasts, fill in irregularities, and to enlarge the buttocks.

First of all, fat has to be taken from somewhere on your body, and so the first step is to numb it. Step one, with a special infusion cannula, numbing medicine is injected into the area where the fat will be taken. This is a form of liposuction. To remove the fat, a special 12-hole cannula with little cutting edges is put under the skin and is removed usually by hand using a syringe, so there's not too much pressure on the fat and the fat cells survive being removed from your body.

Once the fat cells are out, then they have to be purified. They can either be allowed to settle, or they make the fat maybe put in little five cc syringes and put in a centrifuge to remove the excess fluid, so pure fat is injected into you. Once the fat is prepared, it will go in small syringes. For the face, we'll use a one cc syringe, and it's injected in 1/100 of a cc in little ribbons, so that each fat cell has a good chance of surviving to get you your best result.

Those are the four steps involved with fat transfer. You call us if we can help.

Fat Transfer in 4 Steps: Numbing, Harvesting, Purifying, and Injecting

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses the four steps of doing a fat transfer for the face, breast, and buttocks, including numbing, harvesting, purifying, and injecting.