To address back rolls, it really depends upon the degree of the size of the roll that you have. Sometimes these can be managed just with liposuction if it's a little bit of fat and you have good skin quality. Sometimes liposuction alone will deflate the roll but actually still leave the excess skin. The suit is a little too large for the body underneath and you need to tailor the suit. Then you get into, an incisional type procedure and the tradeoff of that is a scar versus the roll and what's less appealing to you. In a lot of cases, the scar might be able to be hidden and you don't see the roll so that might be pleasing to some and other people will never accept the scar.

Fat Rolls on the Back: What Are My Options?

Dr. David Kahn explains how a plastic surgeon could remove the rolls of fat that slope around the back and are often augmented by the bra.