Fillers are great because it allows you to try out what you would look like, what the experience would be like. It's temporary. So all those things are good things. Fat is much more permanent, although you still age. The volume doesn't last forever. Some people say it lasts five years, some people would say it lasts 10 years. Frankly it's kind of variable. But fat does change the quality of your skin and the tissues because of the stem cell content and the fat and it's not an FDA approved treatment, although we use the stem cell content of fat all the time, whether it be in scar tissue treatment or just cosmetic volume replacement in the face. So the fat definitely had some downtime with it, but you know, that's a disadvantage I guess in some ways but the advantage is that it's your own tissue. It lasts a long time and there's some added secondary benefits to it.

Some patients have described it that way shinier, smoother, healthier, more of a glow, something along those lines, more energetic.

Fat or Fillers: Which Is Better?

There are pros and cons to using fat over fillers to plump up the face and Dr. Chase Lay breaks them down for us right here.