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As women and men tend to age, it's a fact that we lose fat. And it's interesting because most people in this country are gaining weight as they get older, but we still are losing fat from areas of the face. So one of the things that's being done to help return the face to a more youthful appearance is to add fat to certain places, for example, around the eyes, the temples, the cheeks. The jawline is another area where fat disappears and it can show jowels. So aging is not just do the drooping of the jowels, but the lost of fat around the jawline makes the jowels more noticeable. And it's interesting because putting fat in your face doesn't make you look fat, it just makes you more youthful. Hopefully, the fat has been added in an artistic way so your cheeks will just look full and not abnormal. You want to try and maintain your weight if you're gonna have some fat grafting done.

Fat Grafting To The Face For a More Youthful Look

Dr. D'Arcy HoneyCutt explains why plastic surgeons are beginning to use fat grafting to the face as an option for patients who are looking to appear more youthful but want to stay away from any toxins or fillers.