It's more than just vanity because when patients come in to see me they're concerned about the way they look, it's really more an issue of self-image. So when somebody gets into their forties, fifties and sixties let's say, they'll start to have changes that they're not used to seeing. They're used to seeing let's say a youthful person some time in their late thirties or early forties, and they don't see that anymore. They see it in a photograph. Or let's say they're going to go to a reunion and they're concerned about the way they're going to look and how they'll be perceived. So when people consider facial rejuvenation they just want to look better, they don't necessarily want to look different. Most patients are very concerned about looking strange or unusual, and so much job is to first reassure them we're not going to do that. And secondly to provide a result that's going to be natural and that's going to suit their needs and basically help them with that concern. The biggest development I've seen in the last 10 years is looking natural. People want to have procedures that don't make them look plastic, in other words like some of the celebrities that we see in the national Enquirer and things like that. Things that help you do that are restoring volume to the face.

We have some wonderful volumizers like Sculptra and Blooma [SP] which are terrific. Sometimes fat injections can produce a very nice result also. If something like eyelid surgery or face lift is to be done or Rhinoplasty, you want it to look good. You don't want to be noticed for having had surgery, you want to be noticed for looking good. So that's what's very important. It's very important to see somebody who specializes in faces, in other words a facial plastic surgeon. The reason for that is, you know, facial aesthetics is really its own discipline, and the best way to go beyond that essentially is to make sure somebody is either board certified and do facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, or also plastic surgery. And then you want to get a good sense from the office when you come in because generally the office staff will mirror the way the surgeon behaves. The way the patients are treated, the sense of warmth that you get from the office, the sense of professionalism. Then of course you want to see good results and you want to see that surgeons results. So always ask, you know, Dr. such and such, are these your results? I think it's a very important thing. Lastly if you have further concerns, you know, word of mouth is very important. Hair dressers always know, they see everybody's work. Okay. Dermatologists usually know also, they'll have seen a lot of aesthetic work. And ask to speak to former patients because former patients will have some idea, obviously a great idea of how they were treated in the past and be able to give you a good sense about that doctor.

Facial Rejuvenation Is About Looking Better, Not Different

Dr. Stephen Prendiville discusses the number one trend in facial rejuvenation and how to achieve a natural looking result.