Dr. Edward Bednar: A good candidate for facial rejuvenation would be somebody who begins to see early signs of ageing. What happens is, the skin becomes a little loose and lax, so there's an increase prominence to some of the folds in and around the mouth.

There's going to be kind of a jowling. There also may be some laxity to the neck. When you begin seeing these signs of ageing, then it's time to approach something like facial rejuvenation.

The best candidates of course, are those are that also healthy patients. With facial rejuvenation, we basically address each zone. If the brow is sagging, then a brow lift is an appropriate surgery. If the eyelids are sagging and are baggy, then upper and lower eyelid surgery can be used to address these.

Good Candidates for Facial Rejuvenation

Doctor Edward J. Bednar shares who is an ideal candidate for facial rejuvenation and shares some before and after photos of results.