Hi. I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'd like to talk to you today about facelift scars. A lot of people worry about facelift making them distorted or having bad scars. I've had a facelift, I don't look distorted and I'd like to show you my scars so you can see what they are like. Let us start with my upper lids, I'm going to show you the scar from my upper lid surgery, it's a little white line. I'm going to show you the scar from my lower lid surgery, you cannot even see it. I'm going to show you my scar from my facelift in the neck, there's a little scar underneath. And now I'm going to show you my facelift scars around my ears. You'll see a little white line in front of my ear and then you'll see a whiter scar behind the ear but the ear conceals that scar. So if you're considering a facelift or eyelid surgery and doing them together is often called a full facelift, I think I can reassure you that distortion is not likely to occur and that the scars in time are truly unnoticeable. And by time I mean usually by about four to five weeks although they go on improving it definitely. Call us if we can help.

Facelift Scars: Dr. Elizabeth Morgan Reveals Her Scars

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan shows how facelift scars look after surgery, using herself as the model. She explains where incisions will be and how the scar will continue to improve over time.