Dr. Miguel Delgado Jr: Males are having face lifts more and more and more. And the technique in the artistry to rejuvenate a male face is very different from a female face and therefore it's important to go to someone that has artistry towards the male face lift. For example, some of the very important criteria are the male facial hair, the male hairline. The fact that you don't want to over feminize a man's face, he wants to be masculine, but he still wants to have his youth, he still wants to look natural. And it's harder to make a man look natural than a female look natural.

If you pull it too tight for a male, if your brows are too high, if too much skin is taken out from the eyes, these are not good for men. With men, less is more. Now, a face lift procedure in general is a brow lift upper and eyelid lift, and a face and neck lift. This is typically what's termed a full or complete face lift and this is typically done for people that are over 50, 55 years old because at that time, everything has basically aged.

Men sometimes have surgery done earlier in their 30s and 40s. And typically at that age it's usually just their eyes, but if you wait til you're in your 50s, 60 years old, a full face is what's required to have a natural look which is critical especially for a male. So, let's look at a picture of this man.

He's about in his 50, 55 years old. We will see him before surgery. He's about 55 years old and you see the aging of the brows, the eyes, the lower face, the gels that are quite large. And we see him afterwards where the brow lift has been done, but notice it's not too high. It looks natural. You notice that you see the upper eyelid, but only a small amount. If you take out too much skin from the upper eyelid, you feminize how a man looks.

So, you see he still has skin on his eyelids, but it looks natural. The lower eyelid is tighter. The lower face is thinner. You notice how we've improved the jowling area, but not get rid of, not get rid of, much improved. So, he looks at least 10 to 15 years younger.

It's important to be concerned about anesthesia and get you prepared for surgery. Once surgery is done, one of the key issues with men post-operatively is they tend to bleed more than women. So, the surgeon has to know that and has to take precautions for that.

The Male Facelift

Dr. Miguel Delgado, Jr. gives an overview of the Male Facelift. He discusses the importance of maintaining masculinity.