Hi, this is Dr. Lowenstein and I want to talk about facelift incisions. We do a lot of facelifts here at Montecito Plastic Surgery. It's one of my favorite things to do, and there are two basic types of incisions that I use. One is the standard incision that starts underneath the side burn where women often have some wispy hair that nicely covers that incision. It goes into the ear and behind, this is called the tragus of the ear, so behind the tragus of the ear then down around the natural contour. This is called the lobule or earlobe, up the backside of the ear, and then down the hairline. That is a classic type of incision that we use for the majority of our full facelifts.

The other type of incision is called a short scar incision and that is often done without going back behind the ear creating an incision that goes just kind of like this, which allows access to this part of the cheek. From doing a neck lift without a cheek lift, I'm using just the backside of the incision and that's to allow me access from here all the way through to this area. In some patients we'll also add a submental incision for access to the central neck but many patients don’t require that. So those are the basics of facelift incisions. More discussion and questions to be answered here during your consultation or feel free to call or email and we’ll be happy to get back to you. Thanks.

Facelift Incision Size Depends on Specific Areas of Concern

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains why different facelift patients may experience different incision lengths or locations depending on the areas they have chosen to address.