First of all, natural facelift really depends on, you know, what the patient is starting with, to begin with. And if, if somebody's on the younger side and they have a pretty good skin, unless they're having surgery in the wrong hands, they're gonna end up with a natural facelift almost guaranteed. The problems that you end up with in terms of unnaturalness from after having facial plastic surgery for rejuvenating the aged face is when people come in and they have more aged-related problems that are associated with the sagging that a facelift is really taking care of. And I try to explain to patients that when aging happens, it's something, it's a process that starts from birth and we're typically starting to see some of those age-related changes as you reach your '30s and '40s and it's just sort of progresses from there unless you do something about it.

Facelift: How to Ensure a Natural Looking Result

A natural looking facelift is always the goal and Dr. Michael Epstein explains how a patient can ensure the most natural looking result.