The person that comes in could be both men and women. A good candidate is someone that is, first of all, gonna benefit from it. They need enough laxity in the neck and lower face typically. They need enough time to recover, so usually I would tell the patients to block out at least a couple of weeks before they're looking pretty good to be out in public. The men can be a little challenging because the ladies can come in and get their hair over the scars and put their makeup on and be out in public pretty quickly. The guys you need to let them know that some of them are comfortable growing the hair a little bit longer. Some just need to warned that they are gonna have some pretty fresh-looking scars in the first several weeks.

The things that can be changed... Usually face lift is going to address skin in the cheeks, the jowls, the neck, maybe some muscle bands in the neck and things of that nature.

Facelift Candidates: Men and Women

Who is the ideal facelift candidate? Dr. Susan Vasko explains what she looks for in a patient interested in a facelift, whether it is a man or a woman.