With regard to fat injections or fat grafting, this is a big part of my practice, both in terms of creating better volume and contour in an area, whether it be the face or the buttock, or it's part of the revision work that I do in repairing previous work by other surgeons.

With regard to fat grafting, I look at in terms of two ways of approaching it. One is smaller volume fat grafting, where I commonly do this on the face, either to create a better contour such as the lower eyelid area, the cheeks, the temples. In these patients, I commonly use what's called the [inaudible 00:00:43] system. It's a very precise way of removing the fat and also purifying it for fat grafting or stem-cell grafting to the face. I also do larger volume fat grafting to the buttocks to create a better contour to the buttocks.

And then it's a big part of the revision work that I do, in terms of repairing indentations or irregularities from liposuction surgery. But it's a very, very artistic procedure in terms of how well it's done, in terms of the way it's done. Don't forget that fat grafting, you actually are removing fat from an area, and you've got to also pay attention to getting a smooth result where you are removing the fat, and not creating an irregularity or disproportion. I so commonly see this done, where patients have had fat grafting done, and there was a good result from the fat grafting itself, but the surgeon did not pay attention to where he was removing the fat from and created problems and irregularities in those areas.

So fat grafting is a beautiful procedure. It can create a permanent result. But also don't forget that where it's taken from, the fat grafting, that it has to be done properly.

What are Fat Injections and Fat Grafting?

Doctor David Amron discusses fat injections and fat grafting.