Hi. This is Dr. Paul Nassif. I'm answering blog questions and we're going to discuss, and these are straight from my blog, rhinoplasty recovery tips. So what are recovery tips? First of all, you can't smoke before surgery or after. You've got to stay out of the sun because it damages your skin. You've got to get your skin prepared with our esthetician, a great facial to open up your pores. You've got to have a lot of protein in your system. You can also, postoperatively, use hyperbaric oxygen, which we offer to our patients, which is offering 100% compressed oxygen, which forces that oxygen into the blood stream and especially in areas where you're having a hard time healing. So the oxygen is pumped into these small areas where the blood is flowing and the nose is a great area. We also use platelet rich plasma in surgery, which has all these growth factors which help you heal faster. The biggest thing is following the instructions. You want to make sure that you ice. You want to make sure that you don't sleep on your sides after your initial healing. Have the head of your bed elevated. Pretty much take it easy and don't do exercise within about four weeks. As long as you do all these things and you heal properly you should be fine. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Expert Tips For a Quicker Rhinoplasty Recovery

There are some precautions one should take before a rhinoplasty procedure so the recovery time is quicker. Here, Dr. Paul Nassif gives some tips to patients who are interested in healing quicker.