Hi. It's Dr. Nassa [SP] and we're discussing some blog questions and today we're going to discuss what to expect after rhinoplasty. Well, one thing I have, I have a whole 'What to expect after rhinoplasty' sheet, which explains you're going to have bumps, you're going to have asymmetries, you're going to have irregularities. You're going to have swelling, you're going to have some bleeding, you're going to have some nasal discharge. You're going to have the swelling going up and down. You're going to have irregularities. Actually I said that already. You're going to have all these things during your process of healing and the nose will be tender. You can't really expect a final outcome for a total of two years. So you have to know that the tip, especially if you have thick skin, is going to take time to heal. It's not something that happens fast. The skinnier or the thinner skin will heal faster, and you'll see some more of the irregularities and asymmetries easier than with someone with thick skin. So the patients have to understand what to expect during that initial healing phase. However, the nose will never be, if you do a computer morphing, don't expect it to be exactly like that but maybe hopefully close. It depends on the doctor that is performing your surgery. So these are some of the basics of what to expect. Thank you.

Expectations After a Rhinoplasty: Recovery and Final Results

Dr. Paul Nassif discusses what patients can expect after a nose job surgery, also known as a rhinoplasty, including bruising, swelling, nasal discharge, and several other unpleasant occurrences.