A Brazilian butt lift is really interesting because it's confused a lot of
different people in terms of what it means. It got its name because if you
were to go to Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and walk around those
beaches, you'd be amazed at what you see. There's tiny, little bikinis,
hardly any coverage, but what you're seeing is this very curvaceous look to
the lower back that makes the buttock kind of pop, and that's almost a
traditional cultural look in the Brazilians. So people started calling it
the Brazilian butt lift because they wanted to get the butts like the
Brazilian woman naturally had as a culture.

So the Brazilian butt lift has come to mean injecting fat into the buttock
to inflate it and lift it. So imagine a balloon that's kind of deflated.
You inflate the balloon, and it expands up. Because traditional buttock
lifting is very different. That requires large scars that go almost all
around the body, and this is completely different. These are tiny little
incisions where we're taking fat from those unwanted areas. Those areas
that you've struggled with all your life, that fat that you've hated for
your entire life is our best friend. So supermodels now have something to
be envious about.

What I love to do is just a contour, because you can't get these bodies
that we deliver, that we do now with surgery because the fat cells are
never going to go away from those zones. So, if you're born with let's say
a square shape, you are going to be square for the rest of your life.
You'll be a smaller square and a bigger square if you gain or lose weight,
but always a square. So the only way to shape you, the only way to get
there is by removing fat from the waist and reshifting that fat into the
buttock and giving you a prettier curve, a prettier look.

We can go for size if you like. It's really popular actually, going for
size. I was really surprised at how many people in the United States want
to go for size, but it's about shape because many people, if you say to
somebody, "You know, I want to get a buttock lift or a Brazilian butt,"
immediately when you say the word "butt," they're thinking big. They're
thinking grossly big. They're thinking Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez,
Nicki Minaj. But it's really not that at all.

There is a subset of patients that want that, but there's another group
that wants a Jessica Biel. They want a Pippa Middleton. They want a cuter,
perkier butt. So now, because of this evaluation system that I've
developed, I've written a book on the buttock. There are only three books
in the world, and I've spent my life trying to redirect everybody to how to
take a look at the buttock. Because of that, now we're able to deliver more
specific results as per patient desires. So I can go for a small, perky,
pretty butt, or I can go for a big booty. It just depends on what you want.

The Brazilian Butt Lift: What Do You Want From the Procedure?

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains what you need to know about a Brazilian butt lift in terms of process and final size.