Hi, I’m from Farhan Taghizadeh with New Mexico Facial Plastics. The question that’s been asked is whether a face lift can help fix an Endotine cheek lift. In my experience, thread lifting is not very successful in terms of getting a good long-term result in the midface and the cheeks. For people that have had those types of lifts in the past, my feeling is that a face lift is the perfect opportunity to get a good lift on the neck and the cheeks as well as taking the opportunity to remove any threads that are in the face. I’ve done well over a dozen of these revision cases in my career and I’ve successfully been able to remove the threads and underneath, put a very nice face lift in place.

The other aspect of the question was the lump from where the suture was tied in the temple area. During a revision face lift, it is possible to remove the thread completely and resolve any lumps and bumps that come from these types of sutures. So in summary, a face lift is a very good opportunity to remove threads from old thread type face lifts and get a very nice result.

Endotine Lift Corrected with a Facelift

Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh answers a question of what to do about an endotine lift, commonly known as a thread lift. He notes that a facelift is a tool for correcting a previous thread lift procedure, describing what is involved in such a correction.