Dr. Steven Weiner: Hi, I'm Dr. Steven Weiner from Aesthetic Clinique and what we're demonstrating today is Dysport which is similar to Botox and that it helps with wrinkles. It's injected and the wrinkles go away in about three to five days and it lasts approximately three or four months.

Dysport usually kicks in a little bit sooner than Botox and maybe lasts a little bit longer, but they're basically the same. What we're going to inject today on our patient here is the glabella right here and we're going to do the crow's feet. We're going to do the brow elevation and we're going to do her forehead lines and this is to demonstrate how really easy it is to do and rather painless.

Okay. So now close your eyes. Okay. So now we do injection right here. This gets the procerus. This gets the corrugator muscle. We'll go on the other side here. So that's all it is for the frown line and she can work it in a little bit by squeezing. Now, we'll do the brow elevation. Keep your eyes closed and then we'll do the crow's feet right on to the sides here and I'm not going to do it here so I'll come back. I just want excellent things here.

Okay. Janice requested to do an under eye injection. This helps with the wrinkles underneath the eye and so this one, look upward and then I inject her superficially here and that gets under the eye. Then we're going to do the forehead. We'll actually move a little here. Okay. So raise your eyebrows. Okay. Now I'll do a microinjection technique which uses multiple injections of diluted Dysport and what that does is it gives a more even distribution of the Dysport.

Dysport Injection

Doctor Steven Weiner demonstrates Dysport injections.